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Meet the Deacons

Deacon's Ministry

Every member and every family has an assigned deacon advisor. Assignments are based according to the member's last name (noted in parenthesis below).  They assist by:

•    Making monthly phone calls to members and visits during personal or family member hospitalization, sickness, 
and/or bereavement

•    Witnessing to unsaved family members

•    Helping members to fellowship with other members and families in the church

•    Helping members find ways to serve in the church using their talents, skills, and abilities

•    Praying for members and their families

Corinth is blessed to have a dedicated Board of Deacons.  Because the widows were overlooked in the daily ministration, the apostles asked the people to select seven (7) men of honest report and full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom. These seven men would be appointed to serve the people.  Corinth is blessed to have such men.  They are:  



Dea. Oscar Webb, Jr.                                                                                       Dea. Drexwell Booker, Vice Chairman 


Dea. Frank Gipson, Chairman

Dea. Tony Tolder, Financial Clerk 

Dea. Ashley Henson

Dea. Beve Parks

Dea. Joe Baker     

Dea. Bennie Smith

Dea. Johnny McKibbens 

Dea. Dwayne Anderson      

Dea. Robert Harris                                                                    

Dea. Reginald Morgan                                                                                      

Dea. Marion Robinson

Dea. Ralph Gotel

Dea. Anthony Bailey

Dea. Arthur McGuire

Dea. Elijah Wyatt

Dea. Lee Davis


When Bishop Davenport began pastoring CMBC in December 1984, there were five men serving on the deacon board.  They were: Deacon Anderson Phillips (Deceased), Deacon A.B. Bolden (Deceased), Deacon Willie Terrell (Deceased), Deacon Willie Tanks (Deceased) and Deacon Randal Smith (presently Prophet Smith).